平成29年9月20日(水) 16:00~、医学部特別会議室にて学位伝達式が行われました。


Dang An Binh (修士)
「Non-invasive quantitative evaluation of cerebral blood flow (CBF) using technetium labeled ethyl cysteinate dimer (99mTc -ECD): Performance of aorta’s region of interest (ROI)」

Tran Vu Quynh Vy (修士)
「The influence of attenuation and scatter corrections on quantitative analysis of [123I] FP-CIT SPECT brain imaging」

Yusri Dwi Heryanto (博士)
「Applying of Near-Infrared-Photoimmunotherapy to B-Cell-Lymphoma 」

Erdene Khongorzul (博士)
「Organ retention of gadolinium in mother and pup mice: Effect of pregnancy and type of gadolinium-based contrast agents」

Anu Bhattarai (博士)
「Diagnostic value of 18F Fluorodeoxyglucose uptake parameters to differentiate rheumatoid arthritis from othertypes of arthritis」

Duong Duc Binh (博士)
「Iodine concentration calculated by dual-energy computed tomography (DECT) as a functional parameter to evaluate thyroid metabolism in patients with hyperthyroidism」



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